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About the company

Seamless Digital Automations is a Mumbai-based IT software company that is known throughout the South Asian region for providing end-to-end solutions to large organizations across India and the world.

Seamless Digital started its journey in Automation as the digital arm of its parent company Syndrome Technologies. Seamless Digital was formed as a separate entity in 2021 to build niche products and services for automation, and has since acquired 10+ different enterprises.

Today, Seamless Digital Automations’ end-to-end solutions service various industries, including banking and financial services, engineering and petroleum companies as well as various BPOs and IT providers, among other examples.

The company specializes in robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that can perform various tasks, including products that can automate integration with different data and web data sources, IoT solutions that autonomously check IT systems by talking to different switches or servers and automated customer services.

The challenge

Within its most recent project, Seamless Digital Automations joined Bright Data as a premier partner to solve a challenge for one of its customers, ThyssenKrupp, a German-based multinational engineering and steel production conglomerate, with close to 700 subsidiaries worldwide.

Thysennkrupp wanted to automate the task of compiling the daily top news stories circulating the internet in relation to its industry and delivering it within a digestible format that could then be emailed to relevant employees.

This daily news blast also included information on the prices of certain commodities such as metals like stainless steel, titanium and other materials related to the industry. Additionally, it had a day-to-day comparison of the exchange rate of the US dollar against the top global currencies, all of which affect the daily operations and profits of the company worldwide.

Originally, ThyssenKrupp was performing this task manually, visiting over 20 different websites each morning to identify the top 8-10 news stories from various Indian websites and other international publications, as well as the rates of certain commodities and currencies.

The Goal

Each day, after the news stories were collected, global currencies were compared and the prices of certain commodities were listed. This information would then be published as a PDF and emailed as a link for relevant employees across the organization to download.

ThyssenKrupp identified this daily manual task as one that could be automated using public web data collection solutions and entrusted Seamless Digital Automations with coming up with a solution.

Once the solution has been created, ThyssenKrupp wanted to catalog the information gathered within a database, so that it may be searchable for future reference. Originally, this would involve manually searching through emails in order to find the right reference point to compare the growth in market share for different companies.

The solution

Seamless Digital Automations used Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which allowed the software company to build a custom public web scraper to automatically manage the task as well as website changes as the project progresses.

The outcome

Seamless Digital Automations programmed the web scraper to collect public web data surrounding the various top news stories, daily exchange rates and commodities pricing directly from the 20+ target websites.

Then, Seamless Digital Automations’ integrated solution generates links for all the information and automatically creates the PDFs to be sent across the organization.

From there, the request would also catalog this information into a database, where ThyssenKrupp users would be able to retroactively look up the prices of different commodities and currency exchange rates by keyword, and compare it against the current news cycle to find trends.

This would be particularly useful to ThyssenKrupp when checking the growth or history of companies recently awarded different projects within the engineering and steel production industry – giving them the insight to adjust their strategies accordingly to be able to secure future grants of the like. “Bright Data is not just a proxy network. We work with a team of talented engineers from Bright Data; I don’t know how many emails we’ve exchanged, but it’s been a great partnership. “

“Whatever public web data provider we chose for this project, would essentially become an extended arm of our organization – with its success and reputation attached to our own. I chose to work with Bright Data because I felt as though I could really trust the Bright Data team who was always there to support our project, and the synergy between our teams has been invaluable.

We witnessed first-hand what it means to use a quality public web data provider, as I believe the quality of technology Bright Data offers is top-notch. It was easy to integrate, use and implement into our operations. We see this partnership progressing further into the future. We are happy to be a certified partner of Bright Data and hope to continue bringing new developments to India in the coming future.”

Santosh Rane, Co-founder of Seamless Digital Automations

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