Managing Campaigns through a Marketing Engagement Platform

Business impact

Conversion and performance data for customers
Monitoring from impressions to post-conversion events
Measure engagement & test campaigns for competitive insight

About the company

A marketing engagement platform that works with networks, agencies, and advertisers to manage their digital campaigns. The platform provides end-to-end campaign management including conversion data and performance data for their customers.

The Challenge

The platform tracks billions of events to provide the highest ROI for their clientele. To do this they must monitor everything from impression to post-conversion events, measure engagement as well as test campaigns for competitive insight and their performance while staying clear of malicious activity.

They realized a large percentage of their requests were failing and needed a reliable proxy service in order to verify deep links and the ads they serve. The platform, however, was hesitant to use a new proxy provider due to their extensive pre-existing proxy interface.

How Bright Data solved this

They began by installing the Proxy Manager on their multiple servers. Integration was easy because their personal Bright Data account manager showed them how to set up the Bright Data Proxy Manager to their specifications on one machine and merely duplicate it across the rest of their servers. This saved them from coding headaches as well as time and money on engineering costs. With Bright Data providing multiple networks and IP types they were able to set-up the waterfall to easily achieve a 99% success rate.

The outcome

By working with Bright Data‘s Residential Network, the Bright Data Proxy Manager and their personal account manager they were able to save coding time and focus on their own product development. Utilizing rules within the Bright Data Proxy Manager they can now use less bandwidth and save money on proxy expenses while still gathering all data they require.

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