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Business impact

Advertising campaigns verification with accurate geo-targeting
Increased campaign reliability, risk aversion, and credibility building
Increased success rates and profitability

About the company

The ExoGroup offers a variety of digital services and consists of several ad-networks and ad-exchange departments, advertising affiliates, mobile content monetizing, and advertising campaign scanning technology.

The challenge

  • Introducing manual and automated testing, addressing the need for varied yet accurate GEO targeting.
  • Ensuring the reliability and compliance levels for providers and affiliate link quality assurance.

The solution

A unified and reliable data collection platform that provides ExoGroup with multiple IP types to address both automated and manual testing and verification. ExoGroup can now easily navigate between Bright Data’s Data Center, Residential and Mobile Networks with ease. They can offer their customers more options in terms of networks and geolocations as well as reduce proxy network costs. Using Bright Data, they now have more IPs to test with and
can achieve higher success rates as well as more accurate results. This solution significantly increased their campaigns’ reliability, risk aversion, and credibility building. It also reduced overall costs and significantly increased profitability.


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