5 minutes

with Tom Moheban

Head of Marketing Technologies

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How long have you been at the company?

4 years

What did you study?

Accounting and economics, and then I switched to communications.

What was your career path before coming to Bright Data?

I worked as a photographer and an online and offline video editor in a major post-production house – responsible for most of the commercials in Israel. Then I shifted back to what I did previously – SEO and PPC and user acquisition for B2B. I started my way into the tech world working at an IT automation company, and then I moved to a marketing agency where I managed the digital marketing department there.

Tell us about your time at Bright Data

I started out in user acquisition – back then, we were very small – the marketing team was 2 people. I did everything from SEO, PPC, and all the campaigns – basically everything except affiliate marketing. Then we started growing, and I managed the marketing team, and the team grew. Now we are 30-something on the team. Somewhere along the way, our first developer started working with us as well as a product manager. And then, I started pushing to use third-party tools to improve our processes. During the integration of one of the tools, it became evident that we were missing a role – managing the marketing technologies – and I took that role. I’ve been in this role for 2 years. I’m in charge of anything that’s related to the development or integration of tools that the marketing team needs (including our CRM). 

Did your start in growth help with the transition to working with marketing technologies?

I definitely think having a background in acquisition helps. You could do the job without understanding growth, but it wouldn’t be the same – you wouldn’t understand the impact the tools can have. 

What do you look for in an employee?

Someone very professional and responsible. Not just someone who knows technically what I ask them to do but also understands the impact that it can have. Also that they feel responsible for what they do and finish tasks from A-Z, making sure everything runs smoothly without me having to look over their shoulder.

Advice for someone wanting to get into the marketing technologies field?

It would be really helpful to have some background in growth. Sure, it’s also beneficial to have experience with technology. You don’t have to be a developer, but if you’ve used ad platforms and Google Tag Manager and managed a WordPress website before and you understand the backend, it would definitely help.

Tips to get ahead in your career?

To really like what you’re doing – it should really interest you. Be willing to learn and stay up to date – don’t be stubborn, and be open to trying new things. 

Favorite part of your job

Favorite part of your job?

Working with new tools and technologies, and platforms and integrating tools into existing ones. It’s very fulfilling when you can see the impact of these tools on our acquisition efforts and the fact that you’re enabling new features and possibilities for the marketing team. When you see the overall uplift in conversion rates or even just better insights via better reporting, and you know that’s partially to do with you, it’s a gratifying feeling.

What has kept you at Bright Data for 4 years?

It’s a very unique company to work for. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s the right fit for you and you have the heart to stick it out, it can really be a blessing.

Future plans?

I imagine that once we have all the tools and technologies that we need integrated – I would seek a position where I could have an even bigger impact. So I’ve had an impact on growth, and then I had an impact on the technological aspect of growth, so the next step would probably be overseeing those two aspects from a ‘higher’ viewpoint – and being able to oversee and manage it all.