Why Web Unlocker Is Better Than Any Premium Proxy Available

Learn how this tool can help your business automate the unlocking process by handling everything from IP rotation, and request retries to User-Agents, and fingerprints as well as why it works better than any premium proxies currently on the market
Web Unlocker Better Than Any Premium Proxy
Aviv Besinksky
Aviv Besinsky | Product Manager

In this article we will discuss:

What is Web Unlocker?

Bright Data’s website unblocker is better than most premium proxies because it is an automated tool that does the unlocking for you, unblocking target sites with an extremely high success rate (typically 100%). All you need to do is send one request, and this tool takes care of the rest including adapting to constantly changing target site blockades. 

Web Unlocker is capable of managing all of your:

One of the key advantages of using this tool is that you only pay for requests that are successful in retrieving your target data, something that premium proxies cannot offer

Here is an easy-to-understand diagram that will help you visualize Web Unlocker’s workflow:

workflow of the Web Unlocker which also explains why it works better than even the most premium proxies.

Why Web Unlocker solves problems premium proxies can’t

Web Unlocker has three major components that other premium proxies lack:

  1. Request management: Retry logic and CAPTCHA-resolving for the quickest path to success. This means that the algorithm always measures results on a per domain basis and knows to always use the settings that will provide the highest success rates.
  2. Complete user environment emulation including:
    • Network-level – IP type, IP rotation, TLS handshake
    • Protocol-level – HTTP headers manipulation, User-agents generation and HTTP2 support
    • Browser-level – Cookie management and browser fingerprint emulation (for example, fonts, audio, canvas/webgl fingerprints, etc
    • OS/HW level – Emulating device enumeration, screen resolution, memory, CPU, etc
  3. Content verification: Your data’s integrity is automatically validated using parameters such as request timing, data types, and response content to ensure you are being served the highest quality information available.

The bottom line

Web Unlocker is capable of unblocking the most challenging of target sites and streamlining your data collection process, making CAPTCHAs and IP bans an irrelevant afterthought. This makes it a better solution than trying to achieve similar tasks with premium proxy alternatives. This technology employs an auto-retry methodology engaging and reengaging with a given target site through various routes until success is achieved. And the fact that you only pay for requests that are successful, makes choosing it for your business an easy decision.

Aviv Besinksky
Aviv Besinsky | Product Manager

Aviv is a lead product manager at Bright Data. He has been a driving force in taking data collection technology to the next level - developing technological solutions in the realms of data unblocking, static proxy networks, and more. Sharing his data crawling know-how is one of his many passions.

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