Finding the Perfect Gift: Analyzing Online Marketplace Data

Bright Data reveals the most popular (and unique) purchases in the gift economy, segmented and categorized by product types and relations.
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The contemporary landscape presents an abundance of gift-giving options. According to a 2022 Technavio report, the global gifts retailing market was valued at $76.25 million, and estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.01% between 2022 and 2027. With the growing boom of the global gift industry as well as the prevalence of the digital landscape, people have a myriad of choices when it comes to gifts. 

This study delves into the world of the global gift market by finding the most popular gift items across a diverse range of categories such as kitchen gadgets, personal items, outdoor novelties, hair and skin care products, and more. The primary focus is to identify the most popular items among these categories and glean unique insights into consumer preferences. Additionally, the study zeroes in on gifts specifically tailored for moms and dads, aiming to discern the patterns and preferences that guide the selection of such thoughtful presents.

To achieve this, the study capitalizes on Amazon marketplace data as a rich source of insights for popular, non-essential gift items. To significantly streamline the data collection process – bypassing the dual problems of website blocks and unstructured data – the study utilizes Bright Data’s readymade Amazon dataset where up-to-date fresh, structured and accurate data was already available. 


Amazon’s extensive array of offerings has solidified its status as a go-to platform for procuring gifts spanning a broad spectrum of categories and catering to diverse demographic groups. The sheer volume of data available on Amazon positioned it as a prime source for conducting this study, with the primary objective of identifying the most popular gift items.

Bright Data’s dataset for Amazon products was chosen due to its comprehensive coverage across various product categories, detailed attributes, and consistent data quality–all making it relevant to this study’s research goal, coupled with Bright Data’s known reliability in the industry.

For the purpose of this study, Bright Data’s Amazon dataset underwent filtering to narrow down the scope of analysis. Initially, a filter was applied to only include items with a reviews_count attribute greater than 100, ensuring a pool of reviewed products suitable for this study’s needs.

Then, the dataset was further refined by assessing each item’s title and categories list. Items that contained the keyword ‘gift’ either in their title or within the associated categories array, were identified as potential gift items. 

Next, these items were categorized beyond a generic ‘gift’ classification by leveraging external insights. Extensive research was conducted on Google, focusing on terms that consistently appeared in search results for gifts, to identify common gift archetypes sought after by shoppers. This research – predominantly sourced using Bright Data’s SERP API –  allowed us to categorize the dataset into five distinct gift categories:

  1. Gifts centered around kitchen items and appliances
  2. Gifts for outdoorsy individuals
  3. Hobbyist gifts, encompassing interests like arts and crafts, music, books.
  4. Gifts centered around skin and hair care products
  5. Gifts for mothers and fathers

The results were collated for each category, and the reviews_count attribute was chosen to rank gift items based on their popularity. The correlation between a high rating and the reviews_count metric served as an effective indicator of an item’s popularity.

The overall methodology aimed to distinguish products commonly intended for gifting purposes within Bright Data’s Amazon dataset.

The Results

1. Most Popular Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen gifts tend to be versatile and can transcend age and gender barriers. This section delves into the intriguing trend of gifting kitchen-related products by looking at the top 15 kitchen gifts on Amazon based on the number of reviews (correlated with the rating). 

In the process, it hopes to uncover not only the most popular kitchen-related gifts but also some of the underlying patterns and preferences. 

Top 15 Kitchen-Related Gifts

Most Popular Kitchen Gifts


  1. The Cuisinart brand seems to dominate Amazon for kitchen items
  2. The Instant Pot being such a popular choice for kitchen gifts is not surprising –  because of the convenience, time-saving capabilities, and efficiency in preparing a wide range of meals with minimal effort. An Instant Pot as a gift is practical, versatile, and adaptable.
  3. Air fryers and popcorn makers being right next to each other indicates they’re often gifted together, a match made in heaven for movie nights.
  4. Knife sets are popular gifts, as expected.
  5. Keurig Coffee makers (drip coffee) are now firmly more popular than traditional espresso machines.
  6. Wine openers and chopstick sets are popular, and make for great gifts, but are situational.

2. Most Popular Outdoor Gifts

Outdoor products as gifts have emerged as a distinct, and increasingly popular trend. Much like kitchen items, these outdoor offerings defy strict age boundaries, and can be the perfect gift for loved ones who have a penchant for adventure, and the great outdoors. 

In this section, this study looks at the top 15 outdoor items recognized as gifts, extracting valuable insights from discernible patterns in their popularity.

Top 15 Outdoor Gift Items

Most Popular Outdoor Gifts


  1. In the realm of thoughtful gifts, ensuring access to clean water clearly takes center stage. Water purification tablets and bottles/tumblers with built-in filters are great gifts as these not only provide a practical solution to water storage, but also act as safeguards against bacteria and microplastics.
  2. Recognizable brands such as Fitbit, YETI, and Coleman dominate the list, indicating that brand reputation plays a crucial role in the popularity of buying gifts for outdoorsy/active people.
  3. Camping essentials like tents, lanterns, hammocks, knives, foldable camping gear, and water bottles are highly ranked – underscoring the popularity of camping/trekking gear as gifts.
  4. The great outdoors doesn’t have to abandon modernity altogether – the presence of tech-savvy items like waterproof action cameras, fitness trackers, and LED camping lanterns acknowledges this.
  5. Stoves and coolers – Always make for practical and considerate gifts as they’re lightweight, help thermoregular food/drinks, and help you clean up after yourself better.
  6. Items like survival blankets, compasses, and multitools showing up here reflect a focus on safety and preparedness, underscoring a commitment to the well-being of loved ones during their adventures.

3. Most Popular Hobby-Based and Personal Gifts

Hobbyist gift items represent a distinct challenge in the realm of gift-giving – they offer a pathway to deeper connections by acknowledging and celebrating the diverse interests that define individuals. After all, unlike generic presents, these gifts instead involve a nuanced understanding of a loved one’s personal preferences, transforming the act of giving itself into a shared journey of discovery. 

Based on this study’s analysis of Amazon’s marketplace data, this section looks into the top 15 gift items that can be considered hobby-based or personal gifts and uncovers relevant insights into the distinctive purchase patterns in this category.

Top 15 Hobby-Based or Personal Gift Items

 Most Popular Hobby-Based and Personal Gifts
  1. Brand recognition and high rating go hand in hand for popular brands like VIVOSUN, Cricut, Yamaha,  Fujifilm, confirming they’re the ‘real deal’, so to speak. There’s an exceptionally high correlation between their popularity and rating.
  2. Gardening is and always will be a popular hobby, but base ingredients for fabric design/decoration and Base ingredients for fragrances, bath bombs, soap, and candle being so popular suggest a significant interest in the DIY culture — crafting and creative projects — rather than buying the finished goods directly.
  3. Polaroid and Instax instant cameras being popular again as hobbyist gifts is a 80s/90s retro revival.
  4. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice remains a go-to gift option, almost synonymous with reading itself as a hobby.


4. Most Popular Skin and Hair Care-Based Gifts 

With the increasing emphasis on self-care and personal wellness, skin and hair care items have also emerged as popular options for gift-giving. These gifts exemplify a conscious consideration of the recipient’s well-being, prioritizing their individual health and beauty. 

A platform like Amazon offers a diverse array of such products, allowing gift-givers to explore and choose items tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the recipient. In what follows, this study looks into the top 15 most popular skin/hair care-related gifts and unravels key insights into the trends and patterns governing these gifts. 

Top 15 Skin and Hair Care-Based Gifts

Most Popular Skin and Hair Care-Based Gifts


  1. Soaps made from natural oils and without harsh chemicals, Beeswax lip balms, shea butter products — all  reflect a growing preference for gifting skincare products with natural, plant-based, and eco-friendly ingredients, and conscious consumerism.
  2. Microfiber towels, and silk/satin bonnets and pillowcases are always a popular gift choice in the realm of hair care because their qualities — low friction against hair, minimizing breakage/split ends/tangling — would be useful to anyone regardless of hair type.
  3. Home spa sets and aromatherapy shower bombs are popular gifts — a way to provide loved ones with holistic benefits beyond mere cleansing into the realm of indulgent experiences centered around relaxation, and self care.
  4. Well-known brands like Revlon, Denman, Bath & Body Works products appearing in the list indicate a preference for gifting known, trusted brands for skin and haircare. 
  5. In a welcome trend, gifters don’t seem to shy away from buying specialized grooming products for men. Dr. Squatch’s natural bar soap is an incredibly popular gift option, targeted specifically for men. Adding to this is the availability of grooming kits encompassing beard wash, beard oil, balm, conditioner, and brushes.

5. Most Popular Gifts for Moms and Dads

“Moms” and “dads” play unique and enduring roles in everyone’s lives which underscores their relevance as a significant demographic for receiving gift items. Amazon, as a versatile platform, provides a diverse array of options to cater to the unique needs and interests of this demographic. From wellness products and personalized items to tech gadgets, outdoor equipment, and practical gadgets that streamline their daily lives, the platform serves as a comprehensive hub for thoughtful and tailored gifts.

While preceding sections have delved into popular gifts within specific product categories, the forthcoming analysis shifts the focus to discerning the most popular gift items for moms and dads. This exploration aims to extract key and compelling insights, shedding light on the types of gifts that resonate most within this demographic. 

Top 15 Gifts for Dads

Most Popular Gifts for Dads


  1. The DIY gin-making kit, hot sauce making kit, multitool pen set, and LEGO architecture sets indicate an interest in gifting things that cater to hands-on activities for dads.
  2. While typical masculine gifts such as grills/grill accessories, shaving/beard products, whisky glasses, beef jerky, etc. are present; the Shiatsu Massager, Thera Cane, and bath bombs are also on the list this year, highlighting wellness, relaxation, and stress relief.

Top 15 Gifts for Moms

Most Popular Gifts for Moms


  1. Kitchen tools rarely show up, indicating a shift away from stereotypically “mom” gifts, although sewing machines still appear on the list.
  2. Perfumes and jewelry are always a common gifting option.
  3. The popularity of items like weighted blankets (including the famous “Wearable Blanket”), sleeping masks, and premium neck pillows indicate a recognition that moms juggle various responsibilities, and their comfort and well-being are critical.
  4. While gifts for dads focus on either utility or self care, for moms, items like gourmet chocolate, cheese, wine/tea/coffee sets, and fruit baskets indicate a desire to pamper moms.

Additional Insights

Here are some additional insights gleaned across both categories:

  1. Both gifts for dad and gifts for mom yields Amazon Gift Cards in a Greeting Card as by far the most popular option, indicating this is the go-to for most people who might have forgotten to get a gift and are going for a last-minute option or prefer to have the recipient pick their own choice of gift. While important, this result has been excluded from the actual data table as Amazon Gift Cards are not a category of their own and besides offering the recipient freedom to choose their own gift or going for a last-minute minute gift option, they don’t offer much insight regarding the preferences or motivations of either the buyer or the recipient. 
  2. The Shiatsu back massager and fragrances appear as popular options across both categories.
  3. Gifts for both dads and moms trend away from stereotypically masculine or feminine gifts.

Summarizing the Trends for Gifts

This study, leveraging Amazon’s vast marketplace data, explored popular gift items across several categories and the mom and dad demographics. The patterns discerned throughout the article reveal several noteworthy trends, these are noted down below:

  • Diverse Preferences: The study underscores the diverse nature of consumer preferences in the global gift market, evident in the popularity of items ranging from kitchen gadgets to outdoor gear. For instance, the simultaneous appeal of both high-tech outdoor gadgets and retro hobbyist items showcases a wide spectrum of interests in what qualifies as a “gift”.
  • Breaking Stereotypes: A clear trend emerges in breaking away from traditional stereotypes when it comes to the moms and dads demographic. The absence of stereotypical “mom” gifts like kitchen implements and the evolving choices for dads, where both hands-on DIY kits and wellness-focused items are popular, exemplify a departure from conventional gift norms for this group.
  • Wellness Focus: The growing emphasis on wellness is evident in the popularity of gifts promoting self-care. Examples include the inclusion of wellness products like Shiatsu Massagers and bath bombs among top gifts for both moms and dads.
  • Brand Trust: Established brands play a pivotal role in shaping consumer choices when it comes to gift-giving. The dominance of well-known brands like Fitbit, Cuisinart, and Revlon in their respective categories exemplifies the strong correlation between brand trust and the popularity of certain gifts, indicating consumers’ reliance on familiar and reputable names.
  • Tech Integration and Nostalgia: The persistence of tech-savvy outdoor items, such as waterproof action cameras, points to a desire to integrate modern technology with outdoor experiences. Simultaneously, the revival of retro items like Polaroid cameras illustrates a nostalgic appeal, capturing the essence of a bygone era while catering to contemporary tastes.


This study aimed at unraveling some of the intricacies of the global gift market by looking at the most popular gift items across a wide range of product categories, and for specific demographics. In the process, it discovered interesting insights regarding diverse consumer preferences and ongoing trends. From kitchen gadgets to outdoor gear, personal hobbies to skincare, the gift-giving landscape is marked by a rich tapestry of interests that defy traditional boundaries.

These insights hold relevance across a broad spectrum of scenarios, underscoring the importance of considering the ever-changing nature of the market, and evolving consumer preferences. The global gift industry mirrors the diverse interests of its consumers, their evolving preferences, and the enduring joy of giving and receiving thoughtful presents. As consumers redefine the meaning of the perfect gift, the industry, too, must adapt and innovate, ensuring it resonates with the dynamic desires of its audience. 

While this study focused on prominent gift-giving categories based on Google search results and two key demographics, it is worth bearing in mind that similar data analysis can be applied to other categories and demographics. The potential for garnering further insights into consumer preferences regarding gift-giving extends beyond the specific areas explored in this study.

The insights gathered in this study, along with the extensive scale of analysis, were made significantly easier through the utilization of Bright Data’s datasets. After all, achieving precise and actionable data analysis hinges on obtaining a large sample size of clean, structured, and accurate data. It’s important to note that websites like Amazon often impose restrictions and limits on conventional data collection attempts, and data collected through such traditional means tends to be unstructured, requiring manual cleaning to avoid inaccuracies in the analysis.

Bright Data’s datasets provide an efficient solution to this, allowing you to overcome the complexities of the data collection process. Access to such volumes of data is essential for any meaningful analysis, as it helps to ensure precision and reliability throughout the process. With Bright Data’s tools, the challenges of data collection at scale are minimized, making it possible to uncover crucial insights.