Using A Proxy Network To Manage And Scrape Social Media

With the sheer amount of available information, a crawler or bot is the easiest and fastest way to gather data, but how do you avoid being blocked?
data collection and web scraping while managing social media accounts using rotation of proxies
Rachel Hollander
Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

When managing multiple social media accounts or scraping data you may be getting captchas or your requests may get blocked. Social sites are implementing strict and sophisticated limitations to control the ways in which they’re being used.

Whether you are managing accounts or using a crawler (Wikipedia Link), how do you avoid being blocked?

user wants to stop being blocked, wants to unlock the website

Avoid getting blocked

Your crawler needs to be anonymous and its actions need to emulate a real user.

How do we do this? By connecting your bot to a residential proxy network.

Bright Data’s Residential Proxy Network consists of real-peer IPs in every country and city in the world.

hitting targets with social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter

Maximize results with Minimum Effort

Using the Proxy Manager will allow you to automatically optimize, control and view your traffic with minimal to no work on your end. The following suggestions are features within the Proxy Manager that can be configured with just a couple of clicks and will occur automatically throughout your operations.

First, it is suggested to set-up your targeting for a specific country and city, as a real person would be situated in one particular location. Next, choose the preset configuration ‘long-single session’ as this will keep your IP for as long as possible. You want to make sure that the IP doesn’t rotate before the session is over as IP rotation does occur in a real peer network. To ensure anonymity, specify that your ‘DNS look-up’ is being remotely resolved by the peer. This means the translation of the URL to an IP address will be made on the peer side.

unblocking and unlocking the I Am Not A Robot, recaptcha, 502 gateways and other bot busting methods

Overcome captchas and blocked IPs

If by chance you get a 403 error or hit a captcha, begin by retrying with a new peer. If the error persists, configure the request to be sent through a different super-proxy (load-balancing server). If you still get the error, have that request automatically route through a Mobile Proxy Network.

Similar to a residential network, a mobile IPs network routes your request through a real 3G-4G network connection. All these suggestions require a one-time set-up, with just a couple of clicks of your mouse and will occur automatically throughout your operations.

Web scraping with the right tools and networks can be easy, invaluable and put you ahead of the game!

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a computer guru or tech savvy to accomplish this.

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Rachel Hollander
Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager