Data Collection Platforms: The Driving Force of Competition

To compete in a borderless market, you need an online data collection platform
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Data Collection graphic of upward trending trophy on mountain top against blue background

Innovations in technology now allow for better targeting of users by collecting numerous datasets. Companies now have the ability to compare the prices of goods from various sellers and make buying decisions accordingly – creating a self-regulating open market. These new pricing structures allow for true competition with companies from across the globe competing for the largest market share in their respective industries.

This new technology, however, provided companies the ability to target individuals in a discriminatory fashion in the form of geo-blocking based on a user’s IP and their perceived location, as well as dynamic / surge pricing tag structures that fluctuate based on an individual’s gender, sexual orientation, religion and more.

With players abusing this new data, proxy networks, a fairly recent technology, entered the arena, providing the ability to stay anonymous on the web and gather unbiased, real-time, truly accurate data. By utilizing multiple IP addresses, individuals can utilize this technology to avoid discrimination and companies can conduct the most precise price comparisons, market research, brand protection and more.

Utilizing an infrastructure of residential proxies across the globe, customers can avoid discrimination, bias, misleading information, and access truly accurate data. By viewing the web as multiple consumers, common hurdles and discriminatory practices become evident and can be avoided, allowing for the natural forces of the market to come to fruition.

At Bright Data, we created the world’s most advanced and largest residential proxy network to break-down these barriers with the mission of ‘Bringing Full Transparency Back to the Internet’. By providing country-specific proxies and numerous high targeting options we eliminate the hurdles of geo-restrictions rampant in an online environment. As advocates of a capitalistic ideology, providing a means for a truly open market and limiting the abilities of malicious, fraudulent, infringing or discriminatory activities, the ethical code the company was built-on, remains intact.

As the industry evolves, we at Bright Data adjust accordingly, finding new means to break down the ever-changing obstacles imposed by those limiting competition. Our team of over 150 proxy experts work tirelessly to ensure a truly transparent web, the ideology upon the inception of the company by its founders and one that continues as the sole driving factor for our continuous innovation of products and services.

Providing a means of anonymity on the web was a responsibility we did not take lightly. By utilizing real residential IPs through peers who have opted-in to the network we are able to offer anonymous proxies that can be used for a variety of needs. The customers that are granted access to our networks go through a rigorous onboarding process that includes verifying all the information gathered as well as constant thorough investigations of logs and target sites ensuring the actions undertaken comply with our strict regulations.

These processes ensure an infrastructure that ensures compliance in accordance with our strict conditions. No data is collected on the users that constitute our 40+ million-strong network, ensuring compliance with new regulations. This ideology, however, was employed prior to governments entering the arena as one of the sole principles of Bright Data’s framework.

Data is the new commodity, the oil of this data evolution, however, the difference is everyone wants and needs to attain it but few are in a position to share or sell it. Proprietary data is invaluable for companies to maintain a competitive edge and this war on data sheds light on the ethics behind it. Players are becoming more malicious and more desperate, in the hopes of grasping that data set that will give them the competitive edge they seek.

By providing a means of ethical online data collection, that gives large and small businesses the tools they need to safely and morally conduct the research they require, Bright Data proves its advocacy in this realm of data collection. As inventors of the residential proxy network, we strive to rid the internet of discrimination, provide the means required for businesses to run in a truly open market and enjoy the innovations and technological advancements brought forth through competition.

“At Bright Data we promote transparency. If a use case promotes just that, we allow it. A simple guideline that has been leading us to date. For example, you may take the case when a retail enterprise is seeking to research its market in order to price their offers attractively. Price comparison promotes transparency, which promotes open competition which then results in better pricing for the consumer – a complete win for the market as a whole.” – Bright Data CEO Or Lenchner