How Your Competitive Advantage Is Directly Related To Your Proxy Service

Learn how to easily compare prices and ensure your competitive advantage in this blog post
using proxy networks for competitive advantage
Rafael Levi
Rafael Levi | Senior Business Manager

Online Ecommerce is a competitive industry with prices changing drastically from different sites to countries.

With no borders in this online environment, how do you keep up with price trends and ensure you stay competitive?

Companies pay attention to those accessing their sites and how.

This helps online retailers understand where their customers are coming from and assists with their marketing and sales.

The collection of this target specific data also means that retailers are able to see if their competition is entering their site.

In many cases the data will be skewed accordingly, by increasing the prices, for instance, to keep their own advantage.

First, you need to be scraping online retail pricing data and to do so, you need many different IPs from the country or city you are targeting to ensure relevancy and to avoid being blocked.

Along with a large number of IPs you need to stay anonymous.
Anonymity will allow you to ensure the pricing data you are collecting is accurate and not skewed by your competitors.

By utilizing a residential proxy network from a reliable proxy service, and with the right proxy manipulations you can make this environment transparent again and truly offer the most competitive pricing.

Bright Data now offers within its open-source, Proxy Manager, the preset configuration ‘Online Shopping’.
This configuration automatically applies the necessary proxy manipulations to ensure successful scraping of pricing data.

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Rafael Levi
Rafael Levi | Senior Business Manager

Rafael Levi is a senior business manager at Bright Data. He specializes in data collection automation and works closely with customers to help them achieve their goals. He firmly believes that the future of any e-business lay within data aggregation and automation.

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