The ultimate guide to using Instagram scrapers for #influencer_marketing

Instagram scrapers are enabling companies map market movers, see where target audiences are located, identify visual patterns, and tap into #hashtag trends, all while understanding what consumers actually want utilizing social engagement data
The ultimate Instagram scraper silently powering the the influencer marketing industry
Nadav Roiter - Bright Data content manager and writer
Nadav Roiter | Data Collection Expert

In this article we will discuss different aspects of the business cycle through concrete data points that companies are currently using in order to move the needle utilizing Instagram scrapers.

Marketing: Identifying influencers

Businesses that want to increase their social presence are using Instagram scrapers in order to collect data points on industry influencers that have the ear of target audiences. This includes:

  • Mapping industry movers –  Collecting information on profiles in target industries with a following. For example, companies in the fashion space may be looking to identify all Instagram profiles that are primarily focused on footwear that have 10,000+ followers. This helps them narrow down the number of potential influencers their marketing team would potentially consider for collaborations. 
  • Pinpointing target audience geolocation – By crawling influencer profiles, businesses can get a better idea of where they live as well as where the vast majority of their following is based. So, for example, a London-based soccer icon on Instagram may have a huge following in Indonesia. This insight can help marketing agencies identify advertising opportunities/deals for this social celebrity, approaching local content outlets that offer sports channels, suggesting paid collaborations, and campaigns. 

Branding: Discovering visuals that resonate

As Instagram is a picture-first platform, images are everything! It is for this reason that entities trying to drive brand awareness, as well as sales are turning to Instagram scrapers in order to:

  • Understand which visuals are trending – By collecting the images that audiences are engaging with, as well as sharing, and re-sharing, businesses can identify a pattern. For example, an interior design firm may see a shift towards nature-inspired spaces this season. This can show up in the form of wallpaper with floral motifs, homes with a lot of natural wood, as well as animal statuettes, pictures, and prints. This firm can then take this information, and leverage it by incorporating a naturalistic approach to their projects, and populating their account with images that speak to current sensibilities.  
  • #Hashtags – Yes, hashtags are words, but they are also visual components on Instagram. Either by being strewn across images or by being highlighted at the bottom of a post. Companies are scraping Instagram for relevant hashtags in their space so that they can use them in posts or create similar branded hashtags in marketing campaigns. For example, a company in the food delivery industry may be able to identify hashtags that are trending and ‘ride the wave’ by incorporating them in images, post text, as well as paid advertising campaigns. 
Source: displaypurposes

Product design: Understanding what consumers actually want 

Some companies believe that they are trend-setters, while others prefer letting consumers set the tone. The latter is gaining a competitive advantage using Instagram scrapers to:

Identify high-engagement posts – Once relevant influencer profiles are identified, companies can further ‘zoom-in’ by crawling for posts with high engagement (i.e. likes, shares, and comments). If we use the health and fitness industry as an example, one influencer may have uploaded a post about using a watch to count steps, helping them lose weight. 

If this post has thousands of likes, shares, and comments then a fitness app, for example, may have identified a trend that they want to tap into. They can further crawl user comments to see what they specifically liked, for example ‘being able to set concrete, trackable goals’ may be a recurring theme. All of this information can help them add features to their existing app, offering wearables as a prize to in-app contest winners or by better integrating health-first watches into their existing technology. 

The bottom line 

Utilizing Instagram scrapers is key to gaining access to data points that help companies better resonate with target audiences visually, create products that are in line with consumer wants, and reach new audiences through influencer marketing. 
However, companies that don’t have the time, know-how, and resources to run, and maintain Instagram scrapers are increasingly opting to have their social media target data collected for them or choose to buy pre-collected Instagram datasets.

Nadav Roiter - Bright Data content manager and writer
Nadav Roiter | Data Collection Expert

Nadav Roiter is a data collection expert at Bright Data. Formerly the Marketing Manager at Subivi eCommerce CRM and Head of Digital Content at Novarize audience intelligence, he now dedicates his time to bringing businesses closer to their goals through the collection of big data.