How To Buy Proxies From Bright Data

Ready to start collecting data but not sure which product is right for you? This guide will cover everything from real-time automated data collection solutions to pre-collected, ready-to-use datasets.
Buying Proxies How To
Haim Treistman | Sales Director

In this article we will discuss:

Please note: If you already know which proxies you need to buy, then this proxy pricing info is most likely what you’re looking for. If you are not sure exactly which proxies you need to buy, then read on…

Define your needs, and goals

When first approaching data collection for your business it can seem overwhelming – What infrastructure do I need, How do I get the information I need delivered directly to my team members? Etc etc etc

This short guide is here to help simplify things for you and get you started using a Bright Data product that will help you get down to business. 

The best way to begin is by defining your goals. Hone in on what it is you are trying to accomplish and which datasets are pertinent to achieving those business goals. Here are a few examples that you can use to guide you in your own goal-setting process: 

  • Finance sector – You are running a private equity fund and are looking into a company that your firm is considering investing in. But before you can make an educated decision, you want to get information about the company – Is it growing? (a good indication would be collecting historic datasets on LinkedIn showing the growing or shrinking number of employees). 
  • eCommerce – Your company offers a seller’s dashboard which allows them to enter products in their niche and get real time industry data such as dynamic pricing, customer reviews, as well as what product models are currently selling best or out of stock among competitors. 
  • Travel – You are running an Online Travel Agency (OTA) and you want to identify search engine trends in terms of destinations, accommodations, and travel options. You will probably want to do keyword research so that you can incorporate this into your site content as well as customizing offers, and bundles to real-time consumer wants, and desires. 

The bottom line: Set a goal, and a dataset that will help you achieve it. E.g. Reaching new audiences on Instagram, and then collecting data on Instagram influencers in your industry so that you can collaborate with them on projects or use insights from the data in order to perform better paid/organic targeting on the platform. 

Identify your businesss’ strengths and weaknesses 

Once you have written down your business goal and the target dataset that best correlates, you now need to be brutally honest with yourself about your business’ strengths and weaknesses. 

Question 1: The first thing to determine is: How much in-house resources can I devote to data collection? And do I have the technical know-how to perform data collection on my own or do I need a more automated solution?

Question 2: Do I need real-time datasets or can I get just as much value out of pre-collected ready-to-use datasets? 

Question 3: What kind of budget do I have? 

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper. In the next section, I will give you examples of answers to these queries, and how they correlate with actual data collection products which you can then choose from. 

Choose a data collection solution that works best for you

Here are some guiding examples (continued from above) of how to choose a data collection solution that is right for you:

Example 1:  Talking about that same hedge fund that has very few engineers on staff. They have quite a high budget and have algorithms and teams that need to be fed data on a regular basis. In this case, Data Collector would be the best option. This would allow the executive in charge to put his or her data collection needs on autopilot, hooking up the feed of information to the relevant in-house consumers. 

  • You decide the data collection frequency/schedule as well as where to send it (Webhook, email, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP).
  • You decide which recipients get access to which data sets and in what format  (JSON, CSV, excel)

Example 2:  In the eCommerce example, you are primarily looking for information being generated now, in which case you are best off opting for our real-time data collection option

This function is part and parcel of the data collector enabling you to:

  • Gain access to real-time data sets in a matter of seconds
  • Make multiple requests at the same time
  • Utilize our automated retry technology which increases success rates by adapting to real-time website changes
  • Scheduling collections in advance or pausing jobs when necessary making this both a scalable option, giving you full control. An especially important feature for those of you concerned with dynamic budgeting 

Example 3: In the case of the travel OTA, you may be primarily interested in search data in which case you would opt for the Search Engine Crawler enabling you to monitor for real user search results, for any keyword, and on any search engine. For example, you may see queries trending such as:

  • ‘Cheap flights to Budapest’
  • Or ‘Where to stay in Tokyo’ 

This option has very high success rates and precise geotargeting. 

Another possibility that you may want to consider is Datasets, especially if you want a more cost-efficient approach, and if ‘real-time’ is not necessarily pertinent to your business model. These are pre-collected datasets covering a wide variety of websites. You can gain access to them in minutes, having a specific social media platform already scanned for your needs (e.g. paid ads for grooming kits).  

Rotating Residential Network 

If however, you do have the technical in-house resources, you may want to opt for using one of Bright Data’s proxy networks that can interface with your systems. One such network is a Rotating Residential Network. These are unique IPs located across the world (from London to Mumbai) and belong to real individuals who have decided to opt-in to our peer-to-peer SDK program. Using rotating IPs enables you to send an increased number of concurrent requests rewarding you with faster data retrieval, and higher success rates. 

Proxy Browser Extension 

The Proxy Browser Extension is a great option for quick, and easy data collection jobs. What is really nice about the extension is that you can collect data directly from websites in under 5 minutes. You can set up a customized collector using ‘Click & Collect’ technology, and have our Artificial Intelligence (AI) deliver your datasets to your destination of choice.

The bottom line 

The above is a quick and efficient guide to get you started on your data collection journey with one of Bright Data’s many solutions currently being used by 10,000+ businesses. Choose the option that best serves your business needs and budget. 

Haim Treistman | Sales Director

Experienced Business Development Director with a demonstrated history of working in the online sales industry both in SaaS, and Marketing companies. Strong business development and professional skills in negotiation, and performance-based marketing, sales, media buying, and management.


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