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Beverly Taylor

Director of Merchandising at Kingston Brass, Inc.
Kingston Brass is a designer plumbing fixtures brand that has thrived in the online space since our entry years ago. As an organization, we are increasingly data-focused and driven, enabling us to continuously expand in our online channels. To support our growth in various areas of our business, including product development and marketing strategies, we integrated Bright Data’s Bright Insights for multi-channel data.
With Bright Data’s solution, we have gained unique and comprehensive insights into our market space, products, competition, and trends in consumer behavior. The dashboard provides high-speed access to information across teams, and the exported data files are exceptionally easy to ingest and process into other workflows for further use and archiving.
The ability to analyze the data through different targeted lenses, both within the dashboard and through specifically curated exports, proves invaluable to our organization. This data’s utility extends across marketing, product development, and account development, contributing significantly to our strategic decision-making processes.

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