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Web data is driving AI development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast shaping the world around us and is becoming increasingly important within business operations. In fact, research by Deloitte shows that 73% of IT and line-of-business executives see AI as an indispensable part of their current business. It’s clear to see there is great potential for AI in virtually all areas of our lives, but AI systems can only ever be as powerful as the information that they are built on. With huge quantities of very specific data needed to effectively train systems in the right way, we’ll explore the key points behind the data required and how it is being sourced.

AI NEWS | 15-Sep-2021

The Rising Potential of Alt-Data Collection Within ESG

The use of alternative ESG data (ESG alt-data) by institutional investors is growing in popularity. Factset estimates that around 70% of global investment companies are still exploring how to best deploy and understand the growing opportunity presented by ESG alt-data. A Vanson Bourne survey also revealed organisations that incorporate ESG alt-data into their business strategies found that an average of 76% (USA) and 67% (UK) of their investment decisions are now informed by ESG factors.

Finance Monthly | 03-Sep-2021

The Rising Potential Of Alt-Data Collection Within ESG

This type of research highlights the importance of ESG considerations in investing and demonstrates the importance that organisations place on environmental and social impact when doing business. It’s no wonder that most professional investors out there, having seen the value that this data can deliver to their clients, are now exploring more avenues for collecting ESG alt-data. Ultimately, this information is mission critical for savvy investors.

Finance Monthly | 01-Sep-2021

Bright Data: “Basketball is a data sport”

Bright Data: “Basketball is a data sport” Speaking with CTech ahead of a friendly sports game, Managing Director for North America at Bright Data, Omri Orgad, talks about the significance of data all around us

CTECH | 25-Aug-2021

100+ thought leaders and data experts to speak in this year’s Data Con LA!

The Data Con LA schedule is now available and the list contains leaders in various well-hyped industries. Experts from Academy of Motion Picture, Arts & Sciences, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Bain Capital Ventures, Bright Data, California Office of Digital Innovation

Inside Big Data | 25-Aug-2021

Understanding how ESG investing can influence financiers’ approaches to web data

Today’s financial analysts and hedge fund managers are increasingly looking towards a ‘shared value’ model. It’s becoming more common to evaluate an organization’s environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) credentials using alternative data (alt-data). This approach enables financiers to uncover a more nuanced picture of an organization, its financial risks and future investment potential.

IR Magazine | 18-Aug-2021

Bright Data Expands Its Presence in the U.S. Under Omri Orgad’s Leadership

Global industry leader in making public web data accessible to all to continue its expansion of operations in North America with growth in New York City

BusinessWire | 17-Aug-2021

CTOs share advice to their 25-year-old selves

I would explain two pieces of advice which, if followed, would have avoided years of very costly mistakes in my career: – When developing a new product, you need a good long-term roadmap and the flexibility to change it a week later. Agility really is the key to success in fast-moving sectors such as technology. – An underperforming team member’s impact is not self-contained; they can take you and the rest of the team down with them. This shouldn’t be swept under the carpet, and the quicker you act to resolve situations, the better the outcome.

Top Business Tech | 12-Aug-2021