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VMblog Expert Interview: Bright Data Explores Findings on Bots - Benefits, Key Functions, Regulation, and Futures

Bright Data recently released new research that highlights the increased role bots are playing in automating key corporate functions, including customer service, web data collections and more. To find out more and better understand, VMblog spoke with Omri Orgad, Managing Director, North America for Bright Data.

VMblog | 12-Oct-2021

Why Enterprise AI Needs Human Intervention

Recent research from New York City-based Bright Data on the use of Bots in the enterprise, indicates that despite calls for tight regulation on AI and its use, many enterprises have shown an appetite for tighter external regulation of bot use among technology and financial services decision-makers. The research reveals that most US and UK organizations that utilize bots have developed clear guidelines to ensure they are used responsibly. In the US, 48% of those surveyed say they have guidelines in place to moderate all uses of bots, while another 48% say they have guidelines relating to some uses of bots. In the UK, these figures are 57% and 40% respectively.

CMS Wire | 07-Oct-2021

Bright Data Supports Data-Driven Solutions to the Climate Emergency With Subak Joining The Bright Initiative

Subak, the world’s first global non-profit accelerator to fight the climate crisis, has become part of The Bright Initiative - a global program to use public web data to drive positive change; Initiative will make Bright Data’s technology and services available to Subak-supported startups working to tackle climate change; Partnership comes as The Bright Initiative helps UK Government shape net zero workstream of the National Data Strategy (NDS).

BusinessWire | 28-Sep-2021

Reflections on the National Data Strategy Forum and data priorities going forward

We are strong supporters of the full economic and social potential of data being realised around the world, coupled with a regulatory regime that maintains high standards without stifling innovation. The NDS offers a clear vision for the UK to lead the way in this, but as outlined in the summary of the first Forum meeting, it needs to be brought to life and implemented by a coalition of private, public and third sector organisations working with government.

DCMS | 28-Sep-2021


Omri Orgad, Managing Director for North America at Bright Data, explains how ‘big money’ sports teams are leading the way in web data collection and analysis.

Analytics Insight | 27-Sep-2021

Web data collection & digital transformation: key takeaways for putting data to work

As such, it’s critical for organisations to invest in a web data platform that can provide them with the data they require on a constant basis. Organisations can then eliminate the entire guesswork process from their decision-making and rely on the one source that, without fail, will always show them their true reality: the World Wide Web.

TechRadar Pro | 27-Sep-2021

Greater Clarity And Gaining Trust Key To NHS Digital’s Data Initiative

One of the key concerns surrounding the project is the privacy of the data and, although it is set to be anonymised, this is still a point of contention. Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data, believes that whenever data is involved, privacy concerns will always be discussed:

Health Tech Digital | 24-Sep-2021

Tighter external regulation of bot use is needed - says Bright Data

Bright Data, a big player in the web data collection space, has pointed towards research that research that highlights the increased role bots are playing in automating key corporate functions, including customer service, web data collections and more. The research, carried out by Vanson Bourne, surveyed US and UK decision-makers from financial services, IT, and technology organizations. It uncovered clear demand in both regions for enhanced regulation to drive effective, compliant and responsible bot usage

Bdaily | 24-Sep-2021