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Bright Initiative by Bright Data Commits Support to Data-driven Action to Enhance Women’s Safety

The Bright Initiative, a global programme and organisation by Bright Data that uses public web data to drive positive change, is embarking upon a major new programme of work that will help use the power of data to tackle violence against women and girls. Working with the Women in Data network of over 25,000 data professionals, the programme is set to draw on research and high-level discussions in developing recommendations.

BusinessWire | 23-Jun-2022

Capturing ESG data – the challenges and opportunities

Or Lenchner, CEO, Bright Data, discusses the growing importance of ESG data, outlining the challenges of accessing, collecting, collating and analyzing the many available data sources, and suggesting that improved government guidance and regulation is the way forward, along with the right analytics solution.

Datacenter Solutions | 14-Jun-2022

Crossing those invisible, undefined borders with public web data

While the Internet was intended to be the boundless infrastructure that connects content and people together all across the world — not to be limited by borders or any other defined boundaries — the fact is that the “World Wide Web” confines users based on geographical location or device, among other factors, and restricts access to the vast amounts of public information out there.

Software Testing News | 13-Jun-2022

Vitality of data in building and sustaining the metaverse

In this episode, Or Lenchner of Bright Data discusses public web data, misinformation, and the metaverse, as well as the privacy and security considerations we must keep in mind.

The Power of Digital Policy | 13-Jun-2022

Influencing the social web space with public data

Let's talk about social media. There’s no escaping it; it is the eyes and ears of almost every business sector and nearly every go-to-market strategy.

National Technology News | 12-Jun-2022

Do You Really Know What Your Customers Think at Any Given Moment?

Today, at any given moment, e-commerce players are called into action. This market domain, which is surpassing every possible prediction, has become a vital consumer and leisure “go-to heaven.”

My Total Retail | 08-Jun-2022

On A Mission To Preserve A Transparent Internet

Meet Bright Data’s CEO Or Lenchner, who is on a mission to make web data collection the go-to resource for all businesses out there.

CEO Today | 31-May-2022

3 important things enterprise leaders must know about web data collection

The internet is the largest, mostly public, database in the world. However, it is not a structured one. To put it simply, today, our market, our economy, and we, as consumers, are interacting digitally. So, to know your landscape, no matter what that is, you need near-live actionable web data.

Enterprise Times | 31-May-2022