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Our Real-Time in Mostly Driven by Data

As the economy moved to be more online-based than it had been previously, the entire market and industry players within it had to adapt quickly, meaning those businesses that didn’t shift to online simply ceased to exist or had to reduce their operations. Others, meanwhile, gradually faded away. Under the on-again-off-again pandemic-related lockdowns, businesses and organisations seeking more indicators with which to assess this new reality increasingly turned to data. And what reflects our reality in real time more accurately than online data? Public online data to be exact, which is the only source of data that is fast and flexible enough to adjust to any market reality. By nature, it will always keep up with changes; we all contribute to public online data – the public as well as the business sector

CEO Today | 03-Aug-2021

“Our Real-Time Is Mostly Driven By Data” Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data, tells us what this means…

We all know this by now. The universe of data has been fast approaching its ‘obesity stage’. To truly leverage everything the public internet has to offer, you simply need to be specific enough and sometimes imaginative enough in your search. All insights are there for the taking. This is the key lesson for many companies this year: quarterly reports or analysis can’t really keep up with the current market shifts – and these shifts are showing no signs of slowing down; if anything, the opposite is happening.

CEO Today | 30-Jul-2021

With Over 100 Educational and Social Organisations On-board, Bright Data Releases New Impact Report for The Bright Initiative

With Over 100 Educational and Social Organisations On-board, Bright Data Releases New Impact Report for The Bright Initiative Initiative supports leading universities, NGOs, NPOs and government agencies in tackling global issues by harnessing the power of online data

BusinessWire | 29-Jul-2021

Three online data collection tips guaranteed to improve your business decision-making

To remain competitive, it’s more important than ever for businesses to predict trends and anticipate market shifts. Data is the secret ingredient which enables them to do this with accuracy. And many are turning to the world’s largest database – the Internet – to find it. Here are three top tips for collecting publicly available online data to improve your business decision-making.

Marketing Tech | 29-Jul-2021

Crowdsourced VPNs: your key to complete online freedom

The Internet, once founded on the egalitarian principle of complete transparency, is now routinely altered by geolocation. In short, this means that different sets of web pages are available to users depending on where they’re browsing from. This creates online information silos, which have negative effects that include stifling knowledge sharing, limiting cultural exchange and enabling the twisting of political discourse.

Information Age | 28-Jul-2021

What every CEO should know about ESG data

When it comes to the financial sector (e.g., private equity, asset management, wealth management, etc.) investment decisions have been heavily swayed by financial factors, such as quarterly earnings reports. While there’s still value in these materials, leaders are starting to pay more attention to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) data.

CEO Views | 23-Jul-2021

ESG investing is reshaping financial markets

Gone are the days when the Friedman Doctrine – which states that a company’s sole responsibility is to its shareholders – was the accepted way of doing business. Today’s financial analysts and hedge fund managers are increasingly looking towards a “shared value” model, which considers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors. This approach enables them to uncover a more nuanced picture of an organisation, its financial risks, and future investment potential.

Director of Finance | 23-Jul-2021

Industry Voice: Three tips for web data collection that will improve your business workflows

One way businesses can improve their decision-making prowess is by collecting and analysing online data. In fact, the most accurate business decisions are typically backed by data, and there is no greater source out there than the Internet. Let's explore the top three tips for web-based data collection that will guarantee to improve your business workflows.

computing | 17-Jul-2021