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When it comes to the data domain, education is not only a critical necessity but a commitment we should all make. Today, the Bright Data Academy works with many top academic and research institutes, offering our expertise, knowledge-base, and technology, enabling them to conduct critical scientific and social impact research efficiently. We also run hands-on workshops and seminars to share our expertise as well as our recently compiled responsible and ethical data collection tips, to support the future generation of data-driven professionals. See below for examples of some recent academic activities.

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Webinars, workshops and seminars

Our tailor-made webinars, workshops, & seminars for leading universities allow us to share our direct knowledge with future data-driven professionals.

Kings College Focus on Technology & Data 2020 Event

During the event, we held a Masterclass focused on the current data revolution & detailed the shift in online data consumption amongst large enterprises in the UK, with real-life use cases. We also participated in a panel focused on Women in Technology which provided practical career advice to women.

Royal Holloway and Oxford University Online Data Masterclass

During this session, we gave an introduction to online data collection and shared the ways in which industries use it. We also shared tips about how to gather high-quality data depending on your requirements, and tricks for a swift and easy data collection operation, all while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Data Program

The online data program created for the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology consists of a series of webinars and a new online data course. The program was built to generate interest in a data-related career, given the accelerated growth in data consumption in almost every industry.

Ben Gurion University Data Science Forums

In this session, we presented an overview of the major shifts currently happening in the data domain, especially in the online data industry.

Data-Driven Research

Data-driven research is at the forefront of human advancement. We have collaborated with leading academic institutions worldwide to offer our technology for data-driven research, supporting dozens of recent research projects.

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