Premium proxy infrastructure

Say goodbye to blocks, restrictions, and CAPTCHAs

  • Stable, ethically sourced IPs
  • Target any city in 195 countries
  • 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant
  • Unlimited concurrent requests
  • Superb 24/7 customer support
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G2 Industry Leader 2023

Awarded for leading the data extraction industry in customer satisfaction, quality of support, and market presence

Best Data Collection Tools 2022

Awarded for our market-leading tools to collect any public web data

Best Proxy Ecosystem 2021

Awarded for leading the industry in proxy innovation & the best overall customer experience

Why developers prefer Bright Data Proxies

  • Highest quality data
  • Largest GEO coverage
  • Best network uptime
  • Fastest output

Best Performance

The highest success rate in the industry

Non-stop Innovation

New feature releases every day

Most Reliable

Enterprise-grade scaling

Discover why Bright Data proxies are the industry favorite

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No-hassles integration for an easy start

  • Manage your IPs from the Bright Data Control Panel or API
  • Documentation for developers
  • Supports third-party software integration
  • Create and manage sub-users

Easy-to-use with the web’s most-popular Proxy Manager

  • Most popular user-friendly proxy dashboard
  • Organize proxies with easy-to-use interface
  • No-hassle integration for first-timers
  • Define custom rules for optimized results
  • Built for developers. Powered for the enterprise

Proxy types for every need

Residential Proxies

  • 72,000,000+ IPs
  • Available in 195 countries
  • The largest rotating real-peer IP network
  • Access & crawl all sophisticated websites

Datacenter Proxies

  • 1,600,000+ IPs
  • Available in 98countries
  • Shared and dedicated IP pools available
  • Quick access to non-complex websites

ISP Proxies

  • 600,000+ IPs
  • Available in 35 countries
  • Real static residential IPs without IP rotation
  • Best for logging into multiple accounts

Mobile Proxies

  • 7,000,000+ IPs
  • Available in 195 countries
  • Largest real-peer 3G/4G IP network in the world
  • Verify mobile ads & crawl mobile sites

Not sure which proxy type best suits your needs?

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Discover why Bright Data proxies are the industry favorite

It’s free to try us out

Start my 7-day free trial

The best customer experience in the industry

  • You ask, we develop New feature releases every day
  • 24/7 global support To answer any questions right when you need it
  • Full transparency Real-time network performance dashboard
  • Dedicated Account Managers To optimize your performance
  • Tailored solutions To meet your data collection goals