Browser Automation Unblocker

Build Unblockable Scrapers with Puppeteer, Playwright and Selenium

Integrate Bright Data’s browser with your scraping scripts to outsmart bot-detection software and avoid website restrictions.

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer-core');
const auth = 'USERNAME:PASSWORD';

async function run(){
    let browser;
    try {
        browser = await puppeteer.connect({
            browserWSEndpoint: `wss://${auth}`,
        const page = await browser.newPage();
        await page.goto('');
        const html = await page.content();
    } catch(e){
        console.error('run failed', e);
    } finally {
        await browser?.close();

if (require.main==module)
import asyncio
from playwright.async_api import async_playwright

browser_url = 'wss://{auth}'

async def main():
    async with async_playwright() as pw:
        browser = await pw.chromium.connect_over_cdp(browser_url)
        page = await browser.new_page()
        await page.goto('', timeout=120000)
        print('done, evaluating')
        print(await page.evaluate('()=>document.documentElement.outerHTML'))
        await browser.close()

Website unblocking

Augment your Puppeteer, Playwright and Selenium scrapers with a suite of unlocking tools: Proxy rotation and cooling, CAPTCHA solving, browser fingerprinting, automatic retries, and more.

Bright Data proxy and unlocking products

Implement with a single line of code

Simply connect your Puppeteer, Playwright or Selenium scripts to Bright Data’s browser and you’re set to go. All proxy and unlocking operations are seamlessly taken care of behind the scenes.

Technical integration tutorial

Superior unlocking capabilities

Bright Data possesses a deep understanding of the bot-detection market. It has dedicated teams that regularly monitor changes in this domain, and it continually updates its products accordingly.

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Scale without limits

Scale your scraping operations without managing your own servers. Bright Data’s browsers are hosted on a highly scalable infrastructure, allowing you to run a week’s worth of scraping projects in less than an hour.