Everyone benefits from our SDK program

  • App Developers

    Will be able to provide users with a product that has an enhance user experience while simultaneously generating an additional source of income through inactive users.

  • App Users

    Will enjoy an elevated user-experience and receive some form of value-added compensation such as a free premium subscription.

  • The World

    Fully vetted companies who share your values of internet transparency will route secure traffic through user devices allowing them to collect ethically-sound open-source data. This ultimately benefits us all by creating a heightened free market digital economy.

Estimate my earnings
Earn up to 5 cents per user
per month
* Income depends on the amount of app users who become peers in the Bright Data network.

Here's how it works

  • 1


    Sign up as a Bright Data partner and add our ready-to-implement SDK to your app SDK manager.

  • 2


    Users choose to opt-in in exchange for free features, an ad-free experience, or other benefits app owners use to incentivize users. Users are free to opt-out at their own discretion.

  • 3

    Earn Big

    Start earning passive income from users when their device's resource are free. Enabling you to capitalize on and tap into new previously non-existent revenue streams.

Ethical SDK

  • Opt out at any time

    Our peers can opt-in, but more importantly opt-out at anytime. This is part of our belief in internet freedom.

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  • Full consent

    Our SDK peers knowingly, and willingly opt-in to our network ensuring long-term data set value for corporate clients.

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  • Protecting your users

    Peer device resources are carefully safeguarded by ensuring that the routing of traffic is only done by using the device's available resources, in a manner that will not substantially affect the device's operation.

  • No collection of end-user data

    No personal user-data is collected at any point in time. Our SDK is primarily focused on peer IP addresses, not user data.

  • Improved user experience

    App owners working with our SDK have seen an increase in their user's experience mainly due to removing ads while maintaining revenues.

The businesses routing traffic through our SDK

  • Fully vetted companies

    Business leaders including Fortune500 companies will route secure traffic through your users' devices allowing them to level the playing field in their respective industries by collecting fully compliant open-source data.

  • Ethical usage

    We constantly monitor our network activity. We only approve use cases that comply with our strict 'Know Your Customer' compliance standards.

  • People who really care

    We make our networks available to non- profits, universities and research institutions who use these data sets as a crucial part of their medical solutions and social projects.


Bright Data supports 3 main operating systems so you can distribute the SDK in any of your apps

    Download SDK
    Download SDK
    Download SDK
  • 72MApp users already agreed to join as peers to Bright Data network
  • 80%Of the users prefer to join Bright Data's network rather than watching ads or buying subscriptions
  • 15%Increase in user retention due to a better user experience
Bright SDK was able to provide enough revenue for us which helped us remove 90% of the ads, increase user engagement and earn more revenue.

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