Total web transparency

Our rotating proxy network enables you to view the internet just as the target audience for your campaign does. No more blocking or cloaked data.

Ad campaign verification

We provide an effective way to test your ad journeys are protected. Go undetected by hackers while checking your ads, so they can't mislead you.

Fraud prevention

Verify that your ads are compliant, malware-free and displayed with the right demographic, location and time settings, to avoid wasting budget.

Verify your ads and protect your campaigns to maximise your ROI

Every company that advertises online is vulnerable to ad fraud, such as false clicks, false impressions and non-compliant ads. Fraud is a lucrative practice that is getting more widespread and harder to eradicate from campaigns. Fraud attempts currently amount to 20% to 35% of all ad impressions, which is not just a lot of impressions lost to fraudsters but a significant share of users not exposed to valuable inventory. Any organization can suffer if they are not vigilant.

Why Bright Data?

We are the world's largest and fastest proxy operator. With more than 72 million unique IP addresses collected from fully and actively opted-in users around the world. We enable businesses to view the internet as if they are consumers, no matter where they are based in the world.

How do we do it?

Our first-of-its-kind rapid IP proxy network empowers the business to openly research the internet, collect real-time data or online intelligence essential to their business success and growth and without ever being blocked.

Whether it's ensuring your solution is the right fit for your market, researching your competitors' latest activities and offers, or to better position your product, you need relevant data to make fast and reliable informed business decisions.

By operating the most globally extensive, rapid IP proxy network, we ensure our customers can openly access any data, at any time to always make accurate, rapid and successful business decisions.

Getting started is easy!

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