In-depth success ratio metrics

Integrate your app, software or any other interface, test your project and get the data you need to determine load times and more.

Maintain scalability

Check that your code can handle high volumes while your app or site stays flexible. Easily test performance and accessibility for different regions.

No rate limitations

Our proxy service resolves rate limitations imposed by websites or GET requests, providing access to content with no limit on connections to help you serve users better.

Ensure your project is usable in endless environments.

Test your code using our endless settings and targeting options to ensure your app or site works in a variety of environments, by mimicking your target users in relevant geolocations. Our network will let you easily emulate any user in any location, guaranteeing you are never blocked or misled, as the right set-up prevents Captcha and verification procedures being triggered. Using a network with global routing can also help you serve your audience better by shifting workloads between servers and providing more flexibility.

Why Bright Data?

We are the world's largest and fastest proxy operator. With more than 72 million unique IP addresses collected from fully and actively opted-in users around the world. We enable businesses to view the internet as if they are consumers, no matter where they are based in the world.

How do we do it?

Our extensive, global network, gives you access to more than 72 million residential IPs across 195 countries. The Proxy Manager includes features like the reduction of overall bandwidth by applying regex. It supports the waterfall routing method, which automatically routes requests through different networks based on certain parameters, creating a cost-effective solution.

Getting started is easy!

Click here to test out Bright Data's residential network with a 7-day free trial!