Residential proxies

Bright Data provides the most advanced rotating residential proxy service offering the fastest and largest real-peer IP network in the world.

72 million+ IPs

Around the world


Network uptime

Extensive Interface

Response time

100% Compliant

and patented




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Watch what value this can provide your business:

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Use our rotating residential proxies comprised of real user devices, making them undetectable when used correctly.

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Extensive coverage

Our service provides rotating residential IPs in every country, city, carrier and ASN across the globe.

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No boundaries

Scale up or down with ease and send an infinite amount of concurrent requests.

What is a residential proxy

A residential proxy network consists of real residential IPs that are leased or bought directly from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for commercial use. Our Residential Network is comprised of these real household Wi-Fi-based IPs in every country and city across the world. These IPs enable your data collection requests to be seen and treated as requests from real places of residence, making them highly effective and undetectable when used correctly.
Graphic outline explaining the concept of Residential Proxies

Residential IP types:

Shared IPs

Make use of a global network allowing you to tap into millions of residential IPs allowing for rotation between different countries, cities, mobile carriers, and ASNs worldwide.

Exclusive IPs

Allows you to gain access to a group of residential IPs that you can then use exclusively for your data collection needs and target domains. This can increase your success rate for certain use cases and eliminate any potential roadblocks caused by duplicate usage.

How does Bright Data acquire its residential IPs?

Bright Data has built a unique consumer IP model by which all involved parties are fairly compensated for their voluntary participation. App owners install a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) to their applications and receive monthly remuneration based on the number of users who opt-in. App users can voluntarily opt-in and are compensated through an ad-free user experience or enjoy an upgraded version of the app they are using for free. These consumers or ‘peers’ serve as the basis of our network and can opt-out at any time. This model has brought into existence an unrivaled, first of its kind, ethically sound, and compliant network of real consumers.
Residential Proxies come right out of the box when the SDK is installed for users who opt-in

Why use Bright Data's Residential Network?

Bright Data’s network is one of the most robust of its kind globally. Here are its stark advantages:

Extremely stable connection for long sessions (99.99% uptime guaranteed).

Free to integrate with our Proxy Manager which allows you to define custom rules for optimized results.

Gain access to ethically sourced data to ensure the long term value of your data sourcing efforts.

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Send unlimited concurrent requests increasing speed, cost-effectiveness, and overall efficiency.

72M+ rotating residential IPs across the globe

United States of America | American Flag
United States

4,624,598 IPs

UK - flag of the United Kingdom
Great Britain

2,346,287 IPs

German Flag - Black, Red and Yellow horizontal stripes

869,525 IPs

Italy - Italian Flag - Three vertical stripes of green, white and red

1,034,904 IPs

France - French Flag - Three vertical lines blue, white, and red

365,223 IPs

Canadaian Flag - Red and White Mapleleaf

426,573 IPs

Spanish - Flag of Spain

633,555 IPs

Russia - Flag of Russian Federation

660,763 IPs

Japan - Japanese Flag - Big red round circle upon a pristine white background

111,348 IPs

South Korea - Korean Flag - red and blue ying-yang with 4 diagonally striped shapes around it
South Korea

93,965 IPs

What our customers say about us

Bright Data’s multiple networks, IP types and integration methods allowed us to not only improve but expand our data collection with support that went above and beyond our expectations.


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