Say goodbye to CAPTCHAs With the smartest CAPTCHA SOLVER

  • Rapid & automated CAPTCHA solver
  • Solve reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, px_captcha, SimpleCaptcha, GeeTest CAPTCHA
  • User emulation and fingerprint management to avoid most CAPTCHA


Captcha solver
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99.99% network uptime
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99.99% success rate
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Highest quality of service & best scalability

Why developers love Web Unlocker

Save time and resources with an automated tool that determines each website’s user-agents

Bots develop new ways to block you. Web Unlocker adjusts in real-time to stay undetected

Many websites restrict you from data collection with captchas. Web Unlocker’s machine-learning algorithms immediately solve them

Web Unlocker uses either a datacenter or residential IP address to constantly bypass bot detection systems

G2 Industry Leader 2023

Awarded for leading the data extraction industry in customer satisfaction, quality of support, and market presence

Best Data Collection Tools 2022

Awarded for our market-leading tools to collect any public web data

Best Proxy Ecosystem 2021

Awarded for leading the industry in proxy innovation & the best overall customer experience

Why customers prefer Bright Data
for CAPTCHA solving

Unparalleled Quality of Service
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Highest quality data
Enterprise-grade scaling
Largest GEO coverage
Best network uptime
Best network uptime
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Fastest output

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Non-stop Innovation

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Most Reliable

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Bright Data’s Web Unlocker uses CAPTCHA Solver to detect the rules for popular sites and solve them. 

Most sites use one CAPTCHA, but where two CAPTCHAS are used, CAPTCHA solver can solve both.