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Use our fully hosted IDE, built on our unblocking proxy infrastructure, which offers ready-made scraping functions, reduces development time, and ensures limitless scale. 


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Leverage the Industry’s #1 Proxy Infrastructure

Web Scraper IDE enables you to collect mass data from any geo-location while avoiding CAPTCHAs and blocks as it’s built on Bright Data's robust proxy infrastructure and patented web unlocking technology.

Fully Hosted Cloud Environment

Develop web scrapers on a mass scale for product discovery and PDP collection, using ready-made website code templates from top websites and JavaScript functions. Trigger crawls by API on a schedule or on-demand and define the delivery to your preferred storage.

Web Scraper IDE Features

Pre-made web scraper templates

Get started quickly and adapt existing code to your specific needs.

Interactive preview

Watch your code as you build it and debug errors in your code quickly.

Built-in debug tools

Debug what happened in a past crawl to understand what needs fixing in the next version.

Browser scripting in JavaScript

Handle your browser control and parsing codes with simple procedural JavaScript.

Ready-made functions

Capture browser network calls, configure a proxy, extract data from lazy loading UI, and more.

Easy parser creation

Write your parsers in cheerio and run live previews to see what data it produced.

Auto-scaling infrastructure

You don’t need to invest in the hardware or software to manage an enterprise-grade web data scraper.

Built-in Proxy & Unblocking

Emulate a user in any geo-location with built-in fingerprinting, automated retries, CAPTCHA solving, and more.


Trigger crawls on a schedule or by API and connect our API to major storage platforms.

How it works

To discover an entire list of a products within a category or the entire website, you’ll need to run a discovery phase. Use ready made functions for the site search and clicking the categories menu, such as:

  • Data extraction from lazy loading search (load_more(), capture_graphql())
  • Pagination functions for product discovery
  • Support pushing new pages to the queue for parallel scraping by using rerun_stage() or next_stage()
Build a scraper for any page, using fixed URLs, or dynamic URLs using an API or straight from the discovery phase. Leverage the following functions to build a web scraper faster:
  • HTML parsing (in cheerio)
  • Capture browser network calls
  • Prebuilt tools for GraphQL APIs
  • Scrape the website JSON APIs
A crucial step ensuring you’ll receive structured and complete data
  • Define the schema of how you want to receive the data
  • Custom validation code to show that the data is in the right format
  • Data can include JSON, media files, and browser screenshots

Deliver the data via all the popular storage destinations:

  • API
  • Amazon S3
  • Webhook
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud PubSub
  • SFTP
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Want to skip scraping, and just get the data?

Simply tell us the websites, job frequency, and your preferred storage. We'll handle the rest.

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