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Get crucial user-generated
data sets from search engines

  • Collect accurate data from ALL major search engines with one simple request.

  • Use real user devices for all your collection needs with laser-focused geotargeting.

  • Our search engine crawler provides you with high performance SEO tools, regardless of your request volume.

The data you need at the tip of your fingers

Search Engine Crawler supports residential uses including any single query session requesting the following types of data:

  • Search

  • Images

  • Shopping

  • Maps

  • Videos

  • Hotels

Customized to your business needs

Search Engine Crawler is a powerful tool that enables you to get the data sets you need.

Why Search Engine Crawler is the solution for you

  • Pay upon success

    You will only pay for successful requests.

  • Response time

    Extremely quick (under 3 seconds).

  • Highly customized

    Search Engine Crawler supports a wide variety of tailored parameters including the number of results displayed per page, language, geolocation, type of request (search, shopping, images, and more), filters safe mode.

  • Geo-specific targeting

    We will automatically launch GEO-specific requests when using UULE, country, and/or city parameters.

How does it work?

  • 1

    You decide which data sets you need access to.

  • 2

    Send a request with your specific parameters.

  • 3

    Get responses in JSON or HTML format for easy integration with any system.

  "general": {
    "language": "en-FI",
    "country": "Finland",
    "location": "Finland"
  "organic": [
      "rank": 1,
      "link": "",
      "display_link": " › news › wearables › best-smart-w…",
      "title": "Best smartwatch 2020: the top wearables you can buy today …",
      "description": "1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Our best smartwatch in the\n              world right now. OS: Tizen OS | Compatibility: Android, iOS\n              | Display …",
      "extensions": [
          "text": "6 days ago —",
          "inline": true

Additional Benefits

  • Gather Accurate Data

    Collect SERP results as any real user would from any worldwide location.

  • Reduce Costs

    Save money on data extraction engineers and IT professionals without worrying about server maintenance.

  • Adaptable

    Easily integrated into all 3rd party crawler software.

  • Avoid Operational Headaches

    Each request is sent from a different IP ensuring no IP is flagged or banned.

  • Built For Volume

    Bright Data can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods.

  • Real-Residential IPs

    72 million+ real user IPs in all geolocations.


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Search Engine Crawler




Search Engine Crawler



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