Luminati Networks is now Bright Data - find out why
  • Easy-to-use

    Browse the web via-proxy with the click of your mouse no coding required.

  • Use incognito mode

    Utilize your browser's incognito mode to avoid cookies and the collection of web storage data.

  • Integrate with our Proxy Manager

    Create your own Proxy Manager server within your current environment and enjoy advanced settings.

How to use?

How to use Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension

Latest version: X.X.X

  1. Open a Bright Data account by clicking here
  2. Once your account has been activated, set-up your zone.
  3. Download our Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension from the web store here
  4. Choose the zone you created and the geolocation of interest and go!

Why use the Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension?

Use cases

Getting started is easy!

Click here to get connected to your personal Bright Data account manager to get your Bright Data account set-up and begin using the Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension today!