Manta businesses dataset (Public web data)
Use our Manta dataset, a US business directory, to find businesses in the US by location, business type, and other parameters and collect extensive information on each company. Depending on your needs...
5.6M Records
Popular subsets
Arizona businesses
223K Records
Florida businesses
386K Records
Texas businesses
530K Records
US lawyers directory dataset (Public web data)
Use our US lawyers dataset, extracted from Martindale, to find lawyers in the US by location, business type, and other parameters.
1.4M Records
Popular subsets
Lawyers rated highest in the United States
96K Records
U.S. lawyers with the lowest ratings
17K Records
The largest law firms in the U.S.
0K Records
Google Maps businesses dataset (Public web data)
Use our Google Maps businesses dataset to locate any US business, find potential customers or competitors, or track real estate trends. Depending on your needs, you may purchase the entire dataset or ...
7.5M Records
Popular subsets
Most popular business
7.6M Records
Australia real estate properties dataset (Public web data)
Use our Australia real estate dataset, which covers all properties in Australia, to examine a wide range of Australian houses and apartments, such as location, room size, past sales, and more, sourced...
16M Records


Directories datasets

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Use business directories datasets to develop marketing strategies and sales outreach. Find businesses worldwide with their details, ratings, and reviews to zero in on potential customers and competitors.

Database Enrichment

Enrich your AI and CRMs using a directory dataset of companies and filter by location and other parameters to generate the market insights you need.

Location-based Marketing

Target the right audiences with location-based business data, using a directories dataset, and find your competitor’s next store, warehouse, real estate asset, and more! 

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