Get pre-collected datasets that cover a wide range of data points of entire websites. Identify and analyze trends, find companies, people, and social media influencers, optimize your eCommerce activity, or obtain data for your machine learning algorithms.


Get complete snapshots of entire
websites in minutes

Millions of public data points covering entire platforms

Millions of public data points covering entire platforms

Datasets include extensive capture of tens of millions of data points, on a massive scale unparalleled by others.

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Structured data in any format

Get your datasets in either parsed JSON, CSV, or Excel, conveniently delivered to your preferred form of storage.

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Always fresh, ready-to use data

Data is rich and always continuously updated, so you can remain ahead with immediate business insights.

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Power discovery of all data points

Bright Data discovers all relevant data items & URLs on a website (for example, all products on an e-Commerce site), which are often not accessible when trying to collect data yourself.

3 ways to get your datasets:

Purchase complete datasets

Datasets capture entire sites, including millions of pages, in key industry verticals. Optional refresh of datasets at a later date.

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customize subsets

Customize subsets from
existing datasets

Don’t need the entire dataset? Purchase customized subsets based on location, category, or any other parameter.

Request your own dataset

Contact us to build a dataset tailored to your needs. It should include an extensive number of data points.

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Sample a free dataset


eCommerce / Retail

Products, sellers, reviews

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Business / Finance

Companies data

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Various directories from public sources