Ethically-sourced proxies

At Bright Data, we provide a mutually beneficial solution for our peers, app owners, and customers. Peers personally opt-in to our network, guaranteeing the highest quality proxy solution that is 100% GDPR compliant. App owners are able to provide a more holistic user-experience while still monetizing their app. Peers enjoy premium benefits and our Bright Data customers can be certain of fully compliant, ethically-sourced, true peer IPs for their online data collection.

Full consent

In accordance with all international privacy laws

Opt-out at any time

Users have full control and can opt-out of the Bright Data network at any time

Idle devices

Strict guidelines ensuring devices are only utilized when not active

User Benefits

App monetization while improving the user-experience

More IPs where it counts

Our IPs have been sourced from across the globe – ensuring the largest, fastest, and most diversified network of international proxies.

Superior performance across the United States

Our infrastructure includes 2,600 load-balancing super proxy servers, with 1,400 in the US alone. Enabling Bright Data to route terabytes of traffic to exit nodes around the world at lightning speed.

Patented Technology

Our customers are guaranteed a fully patented, ethical and trustworthy data collection solution that is 100% GDPR compliant and trusted by many Fortune 500 companies.

Safe and Secure Solution

Bright Data takes all measures to safeguard the security of its customers and peers. We conduct periodic security audits and penetration tests including specific tests created for Bright Data Networks proprietary infrastructure.