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VMLogin Proxy Integration with Bright Data

manage multiple online accounts using physical devices with VMLogin's virtual browsing profiles which helps enable anti-association capabilities as well as fingerprint protection.

Here is a step by step guide to integrate Bright Data with VMlogin

  • Download and install VMLogin here(3 Days Free Trial)
  • Start by launching VMLogin and creating a new browser profile:
    • Click “Get random profile"
    • Select the settings that best suit you, such as operating system, screen resolution, language, WebGL vendor, time zone, media device fingerprint etc.

  • Setting up the proxy server with your browser profile:

  • Install and Launch Proxy Manager, then it will automatically open the browser interface for management.
  • Start by creating a proxy port on the Proxy Manager:
    • Login to Lumitnati -> click 'Start'
    • Under 'Network' choose Bright Data or any other network you wish to use.
    • Configuration-> Browser (Puppeteer/Selenium)
    • Create a proxy port, then close your browser
    See below images showing the above steps:

  • In VM login dashbaord, open and set up your proxy, then test proxy, Fox example:
    Proxy type: HTTP
    IP address:
    Port: 24000

  • If you need to create multiple ports and set for each port should a different IP address, you can do that on the Proxy Manager as follow:
    • Go to port settings (e.g. port number 24000)

    • General-> Multiple proxy port-> select the number of ports ( 5 for example), then scroll down to the 'Multiply proxy port per IP” section, and click “Select IPs”, to select the port you wish to use.