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Easync Proxy Integration with Bright Data

How create a Bright Data account

  1. Sign-up at Bright

  2. Verify your email address (this is the last step of your registration)
  3. Click on “Add Zone” as shown in the screen below

  4. Select the Datacenter Network

  5. Enter zone name, choose a country and the IP type: Shared (Pay per IP)

  6. Select the quantity of IP's you need, e.g.: if you have 5 accounts - it is suggested to buy 5 IP's

  7. After checking all your necessary parameters click Add Zone

  8. Now your zone is done.
    You can edit your zone at any time. To do this - click on the pencil you see on the left. If you want to add or edit the proxies then open “my account” page

  9. To edit the proxy password click "edit". Here you can see the password set by default. You may choose this password or create a new one. Setting a password is also available on the “my account” page

  10. Click 'Back to Zones'

  11. The allocated IP's section shows your purchased IPs

  12. The list of Allocated IP's looks like this

  13. Go back to the previous page. Now click on the download arrow
    NOTE! You must download from the Zones page, not from the Dedicated IP Addresses page.
    Another important point. If you changed your password, wait a few minutes until it is synchronized. After that, you can click download

  14. Your file will now be downloaded onto your browser

  15. Open your file in a terminal of your choosing. Here is what it contains (see below screenshot)
    Every line contains 1 proxy IP's information. You will use this data for your Easync account settings

  16. Here is a detailed description of each item from each line:
    • Proxy type: HTTP
    • Proxy IP:
    • Proxy Port: 22225
    • Proxy user:
    • Proxy password: 1pj2kdxxecgi

  17. Now, Sign In to your Easync account or Sign In.

  18. Take the data from point 16 and fill in the Easync's text fields

For your information:
Don't forget to enable Bright Data's Auto-recharge to avoid suspension. It could be on any amount, starting from $20.