Bright Data CEO, Or Lenchner, presented his perspective on the misunderstood data collection domain and how to change the public perception around this misconstrued topic at the WEDF.

Bright Data CEO, Or Lenchner, participated in a panel with industry experts, discussing two burning questions: Is online data collection actually necessary and can it serve society as a whole? And can data collection be truly ethical/transparent?

John Marshall, CEO WEDF, discusses ethical committees, data collection and more with Nimrod Kozlovski, Partner and Head of Tech and Regulation, HFN & Herzog Strategic

This webinar for Kings College students aimed to encourage students to consider the various ethical and social justice-driven approaches to data collection, and to discuss the role of their generation in ensuring and shaping an ethical framework for data and data collection

Together with the WEDF, we established a first-of-its-kind Data Collection Ethical Committee (DCEC), involving leaders in the data ethics field, prominent academics, and industry experts. The committee aims to guide the entire industry toward established public guideline adherence regarding both collection and processing, that addresses both current and future complex ethical questions.