Bright Data has teamed up with the Market Research Society (MRS) and has become a member of the MRS’s International Affiliate program. MRS is the leading and most experienced professional research regulator in the world, working with government as the sector regulator and with privacy regulators internationally on Fair Data

Bright Data CEO, Or Lenchner, was invited to speak at The Institute for Government’s event to share his perspective on ethical data collection. The Institute for Government is an independent think tank that aims to improve government effectiveness through research and analysis.

Bright Data CEO, Or Lenchner joined Omri Orgad and Phil Burns on Bright Data’s podcast, Data Talk, to discuss the difference between data privacy and data collection regulations, and why it’s critical to understand the difference.

Bright Data CEO, Or Lenchner, was invited to speak at the world’s largest technology event of the year – Web Summit, to discuss the ethical side of data collection with Jen King, Director of Privacy at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University.