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June 14, 2022 2PM

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4 reasons to learn to collect data with us

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Meet the engineers behind the world’s #1 web data collection platform

Learn how to fully automate your web data collection

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Get a $250 credit to experiment with your own web data collection project

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Try your hands on real-world use cases during 2 practice sessions

Collecting web data yourself is not easy. This is your chance to connect with data experts to solve challenges you face in mining web data yourself, from sophisticated site blockades, intentionally misleading information, to structuring web data so that it’s immediately ready for analysis.

What to do?

Join our free workshop, meet our data collection experts, and try your hands at 2 real data extractions in our breakout sessions.

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What we’ll cover

  • Your 101 on how web data collection works with an overview of the tech and unblocking tools
  • 2 hands-on practice sessions to try out collecting data with real-world use cases
  • Work on your own web data project with the support of our team, learn and apply best industry practices
  • Free Happy Hour and networking with the engineers behind the world’s #1 web data platform


Omri Orgad

Managing Director,
North America

Aviv Besinsky

Director of proxy products

Josh Vanderwillik

Product Manager,
data products

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