Hands-on Workshop in Tel-Aviv

Our first live event in over year and a half, was an exciting learning experience helping participants get up-to-date information on data collection technology, as well as gaining business insights.

The rise of online data and the critical role bots are playing

As part of The Bright Initiative, we’re hosting a series of workshops to build UpReach students’ understanding of the global data industry and develop the skills needed to thrive in a real-time data-driven economy. An award-winning UK charity helps undergraduates from less-advantaged backgrounds access and maintain top graduate jobs.

How to automate your data collection on 21-Dec-2020

As leaders in data collection, we invite you to a webinar that will help you understand how to automate your own data collection operations.

Data Collection in Retail Workshop on 30-Sep-2020

Join our web crawling and proxy management technical workshop. This session will address the specific challenges of data collection in the retail and eCommerce space and will include a demonstration and hands-on practice.

Data Collection in Retail Workshop on 29-Jul-2020

Hands-on Online Workshop on 14-May-2020

Berlin, Germany – Hands-on Online Workshop on 26-Mar-2020

White Label expo Las Vegas – retail on 26-27-Feb-2020

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