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super proxies and how they help data collection by proxy

Super Proxies: The Key To The Fastest Data Collection

Your proxy provider’s infrastructure impacts your data collection. The physical location of super proxies and how they distribute traffic will affect your operations and here is why
Shared Proxy IPs VS Exclusive Proxy IPs - Graph of green car vs fully loaded red bus

Shared Or Exclusive Proxy IPs, Which Should I Use?

Is it time to become exclusive?
data collection for the world of fintech

Do You Work In Fintech? You Need Bright Data!

Learn how Bright Data assists in the financial world and how we can do the same for you
Know Your Customer - KYC - Customer under magnifying glass surrounded by question marks, big and small

User Compliance Evaluation = Know Your Client

What is a User compliance evaluation? Why does Bright Data implement one? Find out in this blog post
FNS 2019 Award

Bright Data Has Won The F&S Market Leadership Award For 2019!

After a thorough review of Proxy Network Services, F&S has regarded and rewarded Bright Data as market leaders in our rapidly growing field.
Bright Data network safe and secured

How Bright Data Protects Its Network And Its Clients!

Our 72+ million peers are our number one priority. Find out why here
Bright Data SDK - how we get our IP peers for our residential network and monetize apps for our partners

How Bright Data Obtains Its Residential IPs

How Bright Data Gets its Peers, your questions answered in this blog post
Bright data proxies as a service vs a VPN for data collection

The Difference Between A VPN And Bright Data’s Proxy Service

Get back to basics with this blog post on the difference between a VPN and Bright Data’s proxy service.
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