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Learn to optimize your proxy settings for online ticket operations in this blog post.
Omer Avivi
Omer Avivi | Senior Business Manager

Ticket comparisons and purchasing is a lucrative business. By successfully manipulating your proxy settings and using the right network you can easily and effectively conduct your operations. Ticket sites work by first checking your IP, the wrong IP or wrong settings will prompt the site to show misleading information or block you from viewing and purchasing altogether.

Why do we need a Residential Proxy Service?

When using a residential proxy your browser sends a request to the super proxy, which redirects the request to the correct peer and then to the destination website. Not only are you keeping your location and identity anonymous, but your IP will also be seen as a real-user in the country you are targeting.

For ticketing, it is not suggested to use data center IPs – most websites will immediately detect the IP, it’s range and block the request. Start with a residential IP and select a specific geo-target, for instance, a country. It is recommended that you use a specific city as this will warrant the highest success rate.

different prices are displayed depending on the geographic location of your IP address

What settings should I implement to ensure my success?

The city targeted IP you choose needs to act and be seen exactly as needed. The Bright Data Proxy Manager is a free, open-source software that provides the ability to fine-tune multiple settings without the need to code.

Within the Proxy Manager, you can find and enable an HTTPS certificate as most ticketing websites are HTTPS and require one. Residential IPs are rotating, so you want to specify a long-single session to hold the IP for enough time to fill out forms or payment information.

conducting online checks via proxy service

The user-agent and corresponding headers are vital in ensuring a high success rate. Many use a multi-session browser to automate this and insomniac is one of the most popular. This software allows for one IP per tab and provides the ability to optimize operations.

Inside insomniac, you want to ‘rotate through proxies in order’ and then add my purchased Ips. Cookies are another vital aspect and the key is to maintain cookies throughout the same session and clear your browser’s cookies when beginning a new one.

The Bright Data Proxy Manager allows for specific rules to be implemented in the case you get an error such as 403, 402 or 504. You can set-up to immediately ban the IP if you get a 403 response, or retry with a new IP if you receive a 402 or 504 response.

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Omer Avivi
Omer Avivi | Senior Business Manager