Bright Data Presents Hands-On Workshops Around The Globe

Thank you United States, India, United Kingdom, France and soon arriving in Berlin! Do you want to learn how to avoid being blocked or fed misleading information? Then you should attend one of our upcoming scraping workshops happening in a city near you
berlin workshop on data collection and proxy networking
Uri Rafael Baum - Marketing Manager - Bright Data
Uri Refael Baum | Director of Marketing

Our workshops worldwide have been incredible! We’ve had hundreds of developers and product managers come together to overcome issues our customers were facing in their data extraction efforts.

To educate developers and product managers alike on how to avoid being blocked or fed misleading information, we begin with a presentation to help with understanding common blocking techniques used by popular websites.

The presentation includes techniques to overcome detection, starting with a full understanding of device fingerprints and proxy networks. These are the main factors to take into consideration when working to prevent and overcome reCAPTCHA, getting blocked or cloaked.

The web scraping and proxy management workshop discusses in-depth how bots are detected, and provides our audience the chance to share their own experience and error types they are encountering.

By programming your bot to mimic a real user’s browser for your specific target website, it is possible to gather the most accurate data available. That is why our Bright Data workshop involves one-on-one sessions with Bright Data’s Proxy experts. Let our experts show you how to set-up your proxies to send successful requests to your target website at a mass scale. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop and crawler!

Our Proxy Manager allows for the automatic replacing of IPs, routing of requests through multiple networks as well as headers management and various geolocation targeting options. By sitting down with our customers, we can educate and optimize their operations to achieve the highest success rate and improve request speeds.

Along with cost-effective solutions such as waterfall routing, the workshop discusses Bright Data products that can assist in your data extraction efforts such as the Web Unlocker, new settings within the Proxy Manager and more.

We are thrilled on building a worldwide community of online data collectors and distributing Bright Data ‘know-how’ in mass online data collection and IP proxy networks

We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming workshops taking place in:

Berlin on 26-Mar-2020

See you soon,

bright data (formerly luminati networks) data collection workshop in Berlin March 2020
Bright Data Berlin Workshop March 2020 - Web Transparency thru data collection
Uri Rafael Baum - Marketing Manager - Bright Data
Uri Refael Baum | Director of Marketing

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