In The Cold November Data

Data-Stories are a dish best served cold.
in the cold November data
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As a new winter season is ushered in, new data revelations rise to the surface.

In this week’s Data Stories update, we explore data that tells us:

  • Which flights to book if you want to avoid delays
  • Space data for down to earth climate advice
  • The happiness levels of those who studied humanities
  • Do bots need street-cred?

Be sure to check out our previous Data Stories if you haven’t already and stay tuned for more data stories next week.

Early Bird Catches The Flight

Flight data crunched by FlightAware seems to indicate that the later in the day a flight is, the higher the chance that it will be delayed.

Bringing Climate Goals Back Down To Earth With Out-Of-This-World Data

Data collected from thermal imaging cameras orbiting in space injects some reality into the global warming discourse.

Bot Street-Cred

Bots have gotten a bad rap when it comes to the work they do. This may be on the verge of changing.

Oh! The Humanities!

90% of humanities graduates are super happy with their lives. Quite the opposite of what was previously predicted.

Breathe A Breath Of Fresh Data

With all the Global Warming and Climate Change talk on the news, we thought it would be helpful to share a video graph of CO2 Emissions Per Capita Since 1800. Really tells the story of how we got to where we are now.

That’s all for this week’s edition of Data Stories. Until next time…

Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
Bright Data Staff | Writing Desk

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