digital shelf analytics and ecommerce data collection

Digital Shelf Analytics Fueled By Public Online Data

A conversation with Greg Urquhart, CTO, and Jordan Dick, Director of Engineering at e.fundamentals, reveals why public online data is critical for their business model, and how it’s helped the company grow substantially
data collection for the music industry

Data Has A Lot To Say About Music Royalties, All You Need To Do Is Listen

Data collection is enabling artists, labels, brand protection technology, and intellectual-property beneficiaries identify when their music is being used so that they can get paid royalties when they are due
peer to peer - peers around the globe - can be used for data collection networks to maintain data transparency

How Data Collection Networks Are Powering A Silent Blockchain-Like Revolution

Blockchain technology is largely associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but this type of decentralized approach has a lot to offer the world in the arenas of internet transparency and democracy.
The rise of influencer marketing and social media data

Influencer Marketing Platforms Powered By Public Social Media Data

A conversation with Norbert Kardos, Founder and CTO at Post for Rent, reveals the benefits his company gained from public social media data.
proxy networks used to collect data for cyber security

Proxy Technology Is Driving The Next Generation Of Cloud Security Digital Asset Protection

A shift towards a stakeholder-centric approach is helping enterprises prevent real-time threats on mission-critical services, and assets, significantly reducing collateral damage
The Bright Data Web Unlocker

Data-Driven Products For Smarter Shopping Solutions

A conversation with Shoptagr’s Co-founder, CTO, and COO, Ronen Yuval-Hoch, uncovers the value his company gained from online data collection products
data collection and influencer marketing

Data-Driven Influencer Marketing In The Age Of Instagram And TikTok

Marketing agencies and brands are recognizing the value of user-generated influencer/affiliate marketing. Using a data-driven approach can help you run more profitable, engaging, and targeted campaigns.
Graphic for guide to using Proxy IPs for data collection

The Ultimate Guide To Proxy IP Types

Understanding what proxies are and deciding which are right for you can be daunting. This guide is designed to help you learn to leverage proxies and use them effectively in your business.
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