How Bright Data Protects Its Network And Its Clients!

Our 72+ million peers are our number one priority. Find out why here
Bright Data network safe and secured
Noam Rom
Noam Rom | Director of Sales

We go above and beyond to ensure the highest-quality residential proxy network and this due diligence is applied to those accessing the network as well.

Bright Data’s responsibility is to protect our peers and this means we only grant access for legitimate use to those who successfully pass our User compliance evaluation (know your customer).

To begin, our business development managers ask for some information in regards to the customer and their use case. We look to ensure companies exist, are registered, have an online presence, Linkedin accounts and so forth.

The same is true for freelancers, we ensure their information is correct and that their use case is legitimate.

Our compliance team then verifies this information to ensure its accuracy.

The next step is understanding how the customer wants to use our Residential Network and whether or not their use case is allowed:

Acceptable Use Includes:

  • Price Comparison – Aggregate and compare prices to ensure a competitive advantage
  • Account Management – Manage accounts without getting blocked or disabled
  • Ad Verification – Verify advertisements to ensure compliance and the absence of malware
  • And more…

Uses that we do not accept include:

  • Fake reviews
  • Click Fraud
  • Spamming
  • Etc..

Once the Business or Freelancer has complied with our strict procedures only then are they granted access to our Residential Network.

Bright Data has said no to lucrative deals that did not comply with our company policy. This is due to the fact that our peers have and always will come first.

We are proud to offer the world’s largest and fully compliant residential proxy network and will continue to make the internet transparent for our peers and users alike.

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Noam Rom
Noam Rom | Director of Sales

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