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From data collection infrastructure to ready-made datasets, Bright Data allows you to retrieve the public web data you care about.

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  • Get pre-collected, large-scale datasets for immediate snapshots of entire websites, which update regularly

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Data Collection

Proxy InfrastructureUtilize the biggest IP Network in the world

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From finance, retail, and travel, to social media, cybersecurity, adtech, and more, market leaders are leveraging web data to maintain their advantage. Use Bright Data to discover how it can work for you.

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What makes Bright Data
the undisputed industry leader

  • Most reliable

    Highest quality data, best network uptime, fastest output

  • Most flexible

    Unlimited scale and customizing possibilities

  • Fully compliant

    Transparent and enterprise-friendly infrastructure

  • Most efficient

    Minimum in-house resources needed

The best customer experience in the industry

  • New feature releases every day.
    You ask, we develop
  • 24/7
    global support
  • Real-time network performance dashboard. Full transparency
  • Dedicated
    Account Managers
  • Tailored solutions to meet your data collection goals

Bright Data used to be called Luminati Networks. Learn more about our story here.

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use our self-service collection tools,
or utilize our infrastructure to build your own

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